All servers now updated with Craftbukkit and Spigot updated to 1.11

Summary of changes below

  • Removal of assorted deprecations - especially classes and event constructors. These removals have been deprecated since 1.7 and have replacements implemented.
  • Refactoring of Entity classes: Guardian, Horse, Skeleton, Zombie. These entities are special in that they have different variants. In previous Minecraft versions these variants were all the same actual entity, however in 1.11 they are not. We have tried to keep the implementation as compatible as possible with old plugins, but some differences are irreconcilable and plugins will need to be updated. Expect all deprecated methods to be removed in 1.12!
    • We’ve made some last minute changes to the Horse hierarchy in particular. It’s slightly less compatible than before, but more correct in terms of matching the implementation and allowing for future expansion. Stuff like LlamaInventory would not be able to work without these changes.
  • Addition of new Sounds, Statistics, Particles & Materials. It is interesting to note that the different colours of Shulker Boxes are all their own Material - this is corresponding with the way it has been done by Mojang.
  • Remapping EntityType names to Mojang names. This shouldn’t be an issue since they have already been deprecated for being magic values, but EntityType string names now correspond exactly with the ones used by Mojang for consistency. Enum names are still the same as before if you wish to implement conversion in your plugin.
  • For NMS Developers: We don’t normally do release notes here, but there is a change that I must stress greatly. net.minecraft.server.ItemStack may no longer be null. Do not under any circumstances pass null into a method with an ItemStack. Always check that ItemStack.isEmpty is false before operating on an ItemStack. Do not attempt to modify an ItemStack where isEmpty is true. Failing to heed these warnings will cause very bad things. When in doubt, use the conversion methods in CraftItemStack.
  • The SQLite driver has been updated to the 3.14 series. Usage should be backwards compatible, but please be aware that databases may not able to be downgraded.